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Produktinformationen "FIRE-FLOW™ JAYSAFE® - Premium Joint Holder Case, Carbon"

  • Through the innovative lid holder of the JAYSAFE®, All common filter sizes from 1mm to 9mm diameter, can be securely and firmly fixed in JAYSAFE.
  • Exclusive and only in JAYSAFE®By FIRE-FLOW™.
  • Whether on water or on land, the JAYSAFE®Is absolutely water and odor-proof.
  • High-quality aluminum provides the necessary stability on your adventures
  • Discreet and unobtrusive design
  • Extra grip on the lid makes it easier to open and close
  • Additional pendants on the lid to tie in.
  • Four different colors available: Black/Carbon/Gold/RoseOnyx

With the JAYSAFE®We can proudly claim to have designed the world's first joint case with an innovative lid holder. All common filter sizes from 1mm - 9mm diameter, can be safe and firm in JAYSAFE®Lid to be plugged in.

Most joint cases on the market are severely restricted in their function, as only certain filter sizes fit into the lid holder, if they are available at all. This means that the joint simply has to be loosely placed in it and, due to the movement during transport, the complete mixture can fall out of the paper and you have to turn the joint again.

We were finally able to solve this problem with a specially developed conical silicone inlay.