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Frequently asked Questions:

How well does the STEEZY cut?

Thanks to our 34 monolith grinding teeth, with a total of 141 razor-sharp cutting surfaces, your grist is not grinded in our grinders, but cut up. This gentle grinding ensures that the trichomes and terpenes are preserved in the best possible way.

What is the result when grinding?

Due to the special monolith shape of our molars, the grinding result is always loosely fluffy.

How finely can the STEEZY grind?

The STEEZY Pocket has a grind from medium to fine. The STEEZY Classic has a grind from coarse to fine.

What material are the STEEZY grinders made of? Our grinders are made of high-strength EN AW 6061 aluminum.

How are the grinders made?

All of our grinders are milled with high precision CNC and then hard anodized.

Can the aluminum rub off?
The hard anodized anodized layer and our rail & plug-in system prevent abrasion during normal use.

Can the paint chip off?
Our grinders are not painted but are color anodized. Among other things, by varying the duration of the treatment, we can create a variety of color variations.
What does anodize mean?

Anodizing / anodizing transforms the surface of aluminum into a dense, very hard oxide layer that is virtually inseparable from the base material. Anodized surfaces do not corrode, protect against mechanical impact, are insensitive to the effects of the weather and are easy to clean.

Do the molars stay sharp permanently?

Hard anodizing also hardens the molars - this is why the molars remain permanently sharp.

Are the STEEZY grinders also suitable for vaporizers? Since the STEEZY grinders cut your grist instead of grinding it like conventional grinders, and the degree of grinding is perfectly controllable, the STEEZY grinders are ideal for medicinal phyto inhalation (vaporization).

What is the best way to clean the STEEZY?

We recommend a 50% water alcohol solution for cleaning. Our hygienic and rust-free surface also enables cleaning with water with commercially available detergent. Just let it soak and then clean it mechanically with a Q-Tip. Not suitable for use in a dish washer.

Where do we ship our grinders?
We ship free of charge throughout Germany. Postage EU (European Union) € 7.20 Postage worldwide € 7.40