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GIZEH Brown King Size Slim + TIPS 26er Box

Unbleached and undyed! 🪵

GIZEH's King Size book with the GIZEH-typical magnetic closure contains 34 extra-fine, unbleached and undyed King Size Slim papers and 34 pre-perforated filter tips. This makes rolling even more pleasant and you always have your paper and filter tips at hand. The filter tips are double perforated for use in regular or slim format. The extra-fine brown papers have a basis weight of 14 g/m² and are gummed with natural gum arabic, the sap of the acacia tree. The extra fine paper ensures pure and unadulterated enjoyment. The papers burn very slowly and will go out if not puffed.


26 BOOKLETS each with 34 LEAVES + 34 FILTER TIPS

magnetic closure
Extra Fine Papers (14.0 g/m²)
Slow Burning
Natural gum arabic gum
Double perforated tips (longitudinal and transverse perforation)