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Regular price €65,00 EUR
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STEEZY®️ 4+1 High Class Grinder
Grinder Ø 54mm, L63mm H48mm
Inkl. 2 sieves in different mesh sizes (150µm and 212µm)
+ Natural stainlesssteel brush 

✔️ LOCKER FLIGHT: Thanks to the 34 monolith grinding teeth with a total of 141 razor-sharp cutting surfaces, you always get a loose, fluffy grinding result.
✔️ MAGNETISING: The total of 22 installed magnets offer wonderful handling and habit. This prevents tilting, as with conventional grinders with rotary threads.
✔️ LOCKER EASY: With the square design you always have optimal grip with an improved power transmission. Even particularly resinous material can be easily ground in this way.
✔️ NO ABORTION: Due to the hard anodized EN AW 6061 aluminum alloy, abrasion within the grinder is excluded in a normal use. Inside the grinder, only the two magnets touch.
✔️ HYGIENIC & RUSTPROOF: Longer use without sticking due to sandblasted surface finish. We recommend isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) for cleaning. [Not suitable for dishwashers.]
✔️ INCLUSIVE: Natural bristle stainless steel brush 1 additional sieve (in different mesh sizes).